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    About COR

COR FM 87.9 is Chandler's only listener-supported, independent, volunteer radio station located in Chandler Arizona.

Our call letters say it all: "WE Volunteer." With no paid staff positions, COR reflects the collective effort of numerous volunteers, both on and off the air, for 10 years.

COR currently broadcasts daily. With nearly 60 different programs airing each week, FM 87.9 offers a wide variety of old time radio shows and information presented by programmers who independently prepare their own shows and who know their areas of interest well.

Not owned or operated by any government agency, university, school system, or commercial entity.

COR broadcasts covering the Canyon Oaks area, and is heard word wide via the Internet. Our achievements to date reflect 10 years of growth, countless volunteer hours of effort . And we continue to work toward greater goals.

The Mission of COR

Enrich the quality of life in our community.
Expand our listeners' cultural experience by presenting Old Time Radio which is under represented by other area radio. Preserve, promote and perpetuate our Old Time Radio heritage.
Remain an independent, listener-supported radio station.

    We are Volunteers

COR 2015 Volunteers

Volunteer Opportunities
We need people that are willing to record a radio talk show about anything that you feel needs to be talked about, Record a show in your own home and send it to us. We will review the show and if it meets the requirements of COR Radio we will set a time and transmit it.

Here are the qualifications:

Do you have a computer and a microphone. Record the show and send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and get your show on the air. No bad language.

All ideas are welcome. You do not need to come to our studios to do this.

    Special Thanks

We at COR want to thank all of the people that have helped us get the station back up and running. Special thanks goes out to the Pizza Company for keeping us fed and awake.


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